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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
1:05 am

It was so weird, I'm still having trouble believing parts of it. There doesn't seem to be an all too logical answer either. I just remember the three of us going to the
Library to look up some anti-slayer spells, which I can understand. This is when is begins to make a whole lot less sense. I remember this odd churning in my
stomach, and Andrew whining about tacos, when all of a sudden, I felt different. Not feverish, or confused. I felt like a completely different person. I just remember
looking across the library, to Giles and some guy making out, and that Harris guy on his knees professing his undying love for Harmony Kendall, a woman far out of
his league., and thinking, that my outfit was horrible.

So with that I left the library, and went shopping, I pulled out my mom's In Case of Emergency, credit card, and bought alot of new clothes. Most of which I will be
returning to save my family from bankrupcy. Then, I decided I had to go to the Bronze, I had to mingle, maybe Cordelia would be there, she was truely one of my only
Social equals. Or, atleast she was then, normaly, I don't think she knows I exist, much less knows my name, or even cares about where on the spectrum of cool, I

So I went, with my snazzy new, name brand clothes, to the Bronze, where everything with boobs was delighted to see me, asked me to dance, and gladly wrote their phone numbers on pieces of napkins. I still have those. The napikins that is. Just proof that this actually happened. I ran into Buffy and Harmony now, a slayer and a cordette, not exactly a pair you'd think you'd find anywhere. Yet, there they were, acting as if they were joined at the hips, and had share more than a million very embarassing stories in their time together. Which, is pending verification.

So, they decided to flock, we danced, they liked me, I liked them, we were social equals. It felt good getting \the jealous stares from both sexes. We were happy being popular. I eventually met a very rude/cranky Angel. Warren, Andrew, and I had decided that he was actually Angelus, the notorious very bad, not so nice, vampire who got a lot of vampy play in his day. As the books had it, he traveled around for over a century with three other vampires, Darla, Drusilla, and Spike. they were referenced as the fanged four. They were like an immortal gang of thugs, that used teeth instead of pistols, and they didn't hold up quickee marts. So, they were nothing like a gang, but that's off topic.

Angel came, got cranky and left. I escourted the two of them to Buffy's house, where she left to go to the back of the yard, had to "do something" if you ask me, she went for late night smoochies. Harmony and I made a little idle chit chat, she blushed alot, called us equals, and then we kissed. I heard the angel's, and saw the works of fire. It was very nice, then I left, and met Warren and Andrew on the way. They were headed to the slayer's. Warren, gung ho, bent on her destruction, and Amdrew following like a little puppy with his knitting, and his promises of his love for Warren. I managed to convince them to try another day, and we went back to Warren's basement. We need a Star Wars marathon, and we needed it bad.


The past few days have been very magical, and I'd like to thank whatever spirit, or person decided to put a spell on Warren, Jonathan, and me. It helped me find the courage to tell Warren how I really felt. And although he didn't react as well as I had hoped, and best case scenario would be us riding away on the death star, being fanend by ewoks and having our feet massaged by vadar, he reacted very well given the circumstances.

We were on the second story of the Sunnydale High library, and I got those little butterflies you get in your stomach when you on like a real big ride at a fair or a
circus, and you know you should get off, or you're going to loose that last piece of cotton candy, but you just can't help it, you have to ride so no one doubts your
manlyness. So there were definete butterflies, and then there was this odd queasyness, I think that was the tacos talking. So yeah, I just foudn the courage to tell
Warren everything, and he didnt' scream, that was the worst case scenario.

But he didn't seem too into it at the moment. He was busy plotting the demise of the slayer or soemthing. I mean for some reason he was really determined to get rid of Buffy, and so more power to him. He said if I helped, since Jonanthan rudely left us alone, another thing I didn't really mind. And so, we decided to go kill Buffy, and then cuddle on the couch and watch some reruns of Dr. Who.

We ended up going to this really grodey rifle store, I do not trust it's clientel, and buying a couple of rifles, so we could, you know kill Buffy and then make with the snuggley wuggley. Right after we left the library, Warren ahd told me to go gather supplies, so I went home, and brough my knitting. I was in the middle of making a sweater, and if this ended up like any of Warren's other plans, I'd have alot of time to work on. I was thinking ahead.

So, on the way to Buffy's, we played twenty questions, and Warren got mine in four, and I got his in 18. He was all sneaky, I think he changed his a way lot. But it was ok. we parked the van like a block away from the Summers' place, and decided to go in. We were walking, and ran into Jonathan, the little rascal. He told us all about his night with Buffy and Harmony, and how they had kissed. Not Buffy, and Harmony, Jonathan and Harmony. Which I guess is ok, if that's his life choice. He managed to talk warren out of shooting Buffy up that night, which I was way glad of. I didn't really want to get blood on my shoes anyway.

We went back to the van and watched Star wars, Warren said he was too upset to cuddle, and that I had to respect his space. Which I did. And then I got all tingly
again, and thought maybe my swimmer's ear was actign up again, only then my head got all level, and I was really embarassed about teling Warren, and everyone
seemed all normal again, and Jonathan wasn't as half as cool as I thought he was. And so, we decided someone cast like a spell on us. Which is way not cool. That means the slayer has like a witch or something working for her, and she knows we want her dead now, and she's toying with us. Like Batman toys with the Joker sometimes when he knows he's gonna win. Which is way not fair.
Thursday, July 17th, 2003
12:36 pm
I smiled, Harmony had decided I wanted to dance with Buffy. Not saying I didn't I mean she looked amazing, fit into as little cloth as possible. But that didn't matter. She had style, and ststus. Sure I'd dance. I moved closer and extended my hand. "My I have this dance madam?" I aske, kissing the top of her hand as I led her further into the dance floor. Harmony followed like an over eager puppy, but I didnt' mind, we were socially equals, even if she had the I.Q. of toast.

"So Buffy, I said as I nodded to the DJ, and he instantly put on a slow song. I wrapped my hands around her waist. "What do you think about me?" I smiled, knowing my clothes were just right. I was in a pair of stylish, dress, black pants, a black formal shirt, tucked in, and a black over jacket, with a white bow tie from Versacci. My hair was held up with some gel, and my shoes were black with white toes.

"I mean the real me." I grinned to all the girls givign Buffy jealous stares as we continued to sway. I kept pulling her closer and closer. "You can lean on my shoulder if you want.."
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
3:20 pm
** Johnathan **

I slumped to the floor, everything in the library was wrong. Going terribly wrong, and yet, for some reason or another it felt so right. I looked to Andrew and Warren, they seemed to both feel it too. It was right. So right. Then it washed over me, liek a wave, or something, and I wasn't afraid anymore. I was big, and important, I mean very well endowed. I glanced to Andrew who looked a little, but determined as he made his way to Warren. That wasn't my concern. I had the power, I could be anything.

I looked to the Diet Coke can in my hand, and tossed it to the floor. It made a clink of aluminum and wood, and skittered beneath a book shelf. I looked out upon everyone in the library, and I could label them all, none of them even came close to how cool I was. I walked, no strutted down the stares, I was untouchable. I could woo any woman, and jump any building. I was Clark Kent, just waiting for somethign to happen so I could go superman on everyone's ass.

"Warren. You guys do whatever you want, I'm going out. I need to cruise the town, check for any signs of danger." I nodded, and flashed them an emmy winning smile. I was perfect. I knew everything, every little details, I was jacked in to the system. No denying that. I walked past Cordelia and Xander who seemed to be engaged in some extracirricular activities. "Dont' forget to use protection kiddies." I walked past Willow and Oz, giving the same advise, and the Rupert, the Librarian, and an old friend of his. "You two play nice." I said, once again with my smile.

I looked down to my clothes. "Oh dear, these will never do." I walked out the front doors of the library. I needed to change. The best of beat couldn't be seen in a yellow shirt accompanied with blue stripes, and a pair of jeans. What kind of example was I setting? I began to whistle my own theme song I'd undoubtably have, a large grin on my face. I owned the world.

** Andrew **

There was this liek rumbling in my stomach, and I was thinking about how bad those last two tacos were, and then all of sudden I could feel it, so crystal and clear. I mean it was so a sign, and they had to be acted upon. My love for Warren was clear now. He was the only person on liek the face of the planet I could communicate with. "Warren." I said moving closer to him with every step. "I was kind of hoping we could..talk." I said with a smile. I was dressed in a pale green shirt, with a tan over shirt that was ubuttoned, and a paird of jeans. I knew Warren liked earth tones. I also knew he liked his bagels buttered, but not toasted. The same way I liked mine. We were soul mates.

Warren backed up a little, obviously scared of the passin that burned between us. "Now, we both know how we feel. I mean you cna't deny the power right? I mean it amazes me a way lot." I said with a smile. Warren had backed between a wall and a book shelf. "And I was wonderfing if you felt it to." I said pursing my lips together. "Because then we could you know, be closer, and do umm stuff. Like goign to the mall, or the movies and stuff." I began to stumble over my words. Bad Andrew, you know you're sincere. Now you ahve to make him believe it. "Warren, lately, I know I'v ebeen repressing, and it's because I think i've decided that I love you." I exhaled heavily. "wow. I said the love word. And it felt ok." I nodded looking up to him and awaiting his responce.


** Warren **

It was so weird, the power, is surged through the room, like fire, engulfing everyone there. I mean I saw sights that would make babies cry. The old guys going at it, and Willow and Xander, not only seperated, but with their tongues in new persons. Then Johnathan strutted out like he was hot stuff, reminding the kids to play it self, and then he just left. And now Andrew's stalking towards me with those puppy dog eyes of his spitting something off about him loving me.

"Whoa Whoa, Andrew." I said holding my hands out infront of me. "How about we kill the slayer first." I said my eyes moving in Buffy's direction, as she hooked arms with Harmony. "I mean she seems to be a little out of it...like everyone." I furrowed my dark, heavy brows.

"You don't are about my feelings!" Andrew shot back.

"No, no." I said moving within a safe distance of him, placing my arms around his shoulders, in some vain attempt to comfort. "But for some reason, I really want to kill that slayer. I mean we're talking about nothign but all out need. Buffy Summers can't live." I turned to Andrew with a smile. His new found love could actually be pretty helpful.

"Oh." He said meekly, as I patted his shoulders. "So she's just an object of hate and all?" he asked seeming to calm down. "Because I mean I do love you, but I understand your whole personal vendette against Buffy...actually." He said furrowing his brow, and wrinkling his forehead. "I don't understand, but it's ok." He smiled and nodded.

"Good. Good." I said giving him one last pat on the back. "Now what do you say we find us some high power rifles and go Buffy hunting?" My sense of logic was gone, completely, I wasn't thinking straight...a rifle? What on earth was I doing? But I couldn't help it/.Sense didn't matter. She needed to be..had to be dead, and i could do something about it. I would do soemthing about it.

"Oh, wow." Andrew said. "And then can we go back to your place and watch a Tom Cruise movie and cuddle?" He grinned hopefully, and pleaded with his eyes.

"Sure Andrew." I said a little akwardly. "We'll do just that." I nodded, turned around and rolled my eyes as we walked down the stairs. We needed weapons. Big weapons. And I knew just the place.
2:46 pm
Mayeb warren couldn't feel it. but I sure could. That creepy crawly feeling inside the pit of my stomach, I mean my body ached, and creaked. I felt as if my limbs were made of jello, and not in a good way. I clutched my stomach. "I feel odd..." I said as I watched the dark haired girl entire the library.

This place was buzzing with sexy women. I grabbed for my diet coke on the table. Mayeb a little caffiene woudl ease my stomach. I cast a hazel glance to Andrew, who wa sgripping his stomach as well.

"My tummy feels odd." he said with a pout. "I think that popcorn we ate was liek way out dated, I mean popcorn is so not supposed to be green anyway. Warren, I think I need so pepto bismol, and a foot massage."

A look of concern flashed across my face, everythign began to feel simple. A little too simple to an evil villain.
Thursday, June 26th, 2003
6:54 pm
Superman? Oh please. Not in his lifetime. Daredevil, now there's a superhero with super disguise powers. The guy was blind, no glasses, no contacts, just enhanced smell. Anyway, we were going to the Bronze, I think I've heard of that place.

Big bad club in the bad part of town. Ooh Diet coke. ~Slurp~ out of coke. I was instructed to call Andrew, wonder where he is anyway. I'll try his home, but odds are he's on the computer playing Star Craft, Boy I wish I was playing star craft, I just got come of these killer cheats, to get unlimited ammo..Andrew right.

I picked up Warren's model of the death star phone, and dialed up Andrew. "Hi umm, is Andrew there?" I asked his mom. "Jonathan." I said after she talked for abotu five minutes, "Yes mam, Thank you." She was going to get him, he was in his basement. Typical Andrew. Oooh Diet Coke. ~slurp~ it's empty, I forgot.

I wonder why Warren's so hung-ho, on dancing, and women, I can understand the women, but Warren's white, so he's got no rythm. I'm kind of anxious now, I've heard great things about large gatherings of people my own age, and alcohol. Maybe I shoudl try this partying, I mean it's bound to be better than sitting around discussing Star Wars, and Marvel characters.

Ok, so not better, I mean I've got the beanbag chair, I've got the empty diet coke, and I've got air conditioning. Better be one hell of a party.
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